Friday, February 26, 2010

although i love to quilt. i will NEVER have a cat. so many quilters have cats. ...i'm gagging...

just a start

i'll start with the latest immeasurable wisdom that i've received. last week at carr bible study, a lovely older and wiser woman, Louine Woodruff shared bits of her life with us girls. here's her wisdom and i suppose where it fits in my life.

1) have a hobby. hers is sewing. fancy that, mine is sewing. it is organized yet creative. you put all of your love into a quilt, a pillow, a shirt. then you give it away. just, here you go. take it. here's all my love and hours of work and i choose to give it to you.

2) don't wish the days away/live in the moment. amen, louine. its hard right now. at this season of life, i want to live in the moment but i'm waiting to here back from grad school, waiting waiting waiting. waiting on a lot of other things. God has provided for me my whole life. joy, friends, love, family. why should i worry. (jon foreman would agree.) so, louine, and Jesus, i'm trying :)

3)live simply. this one is rough. i take joy in things. stuff. but i think the things that i love the most are things that have already been loved and lived in. so i think maybe that's better. but sometimes i do look at my things and just see them as all superfluous

4)be hospitable and receive people. oh i love this. louine's whole spirit said, 'come give me a hug'. she lived this hospitable thing. i would love to be this way. so that people could see that my hospitality comes from a genuine love for the well-being of their spirit.

that was the gist of louine's wisdom.