Monday, April 12, 2010

I went up to the mountain because you asked me to. Up over the clouds where the sky was blue. I could see all around me everywhere. Sometimes I feel like I've never been nothing but tired and I'll be working 'till the day I expire. Sometimes I lay down. No more can I do. But then I go on again because you asked me to. Some days I look down afraid I will fall. And though the sun shines I see nothing at all. Then I hear your sweet voice come and then go, telling me softly, you love me so. The peaceful valley just over the mountain. The peaceful valley few come to know. I may never get there ever in this lifetime but sooner or later it's there I will go.

God Bless Patti Griffin for the words and the tune.

my heart hurts right now for my family. they are dealing with a weight that many families have to deal with everyday, the weight of the end of life. it is a relief and a rejoicing at times, but it is a time of grieving a loss. my grandfather taught my brothers so much. he taught them how to hunt. how to fish. how to take care of themselves. how to be men of their heritage. how to be family men. he has taught me so much. he has taught me humility in the past few years. growing up, he was always with the boys. that's just kind of how it was. he and i weren't really close. but about a year ago, he came up to me and he just hugged me. and he told me that he was sorry that he hadn't loved me like he had loved and taught the boys. he told me that he loved me and that he was so proud of me. it was such a blessing to hear from him. it hurts me to know that my mom could very well lose her daddy. it hurts me that 6 years ago around this same time of year, she dealt with the loss of her mother. it hurts. i believe that God is faithful and God heals our hurts. but they still hurt for now. and they will hurt for a while. i wish i could be home to help. to do something to take a bit of the burden off of my family. but all i have the power to do is call mom, check up on her, and petition the Lord on behalf of my family.

Blessings on my family, dear Lord. Peace and the Spirit of Christ upon them, my Father.

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  1. I'm glad you appreciate this song as much as I do. I am praying for your sweet family. Love you!